Christina De MusÉe

Walking into Christina De Musée's lavish studio in Palm Desert, CA is like being pulled into an artistic vortex of rich colors and fantastical imagery that pulsates with a dynamic life-force; a sensory feast. Her studio is also her home and a spectacular gallery that gives an entrance to Christina's private and exotic universe.

De Musée emerged onto the art scene in the 1980's in Los Angeles, when securing a presence as an artistic talent was a tough road for women. Early on, De Musée knew that she had to incorporate her magnetic persona into the marketing of her art, drawing attention through theatrical spectacles and flamboyant promotional events. This controversial approach to showing her art gained her attention of Hollywood celebrities, the media and prominent art collectors. The critics took notice and a star was born.

The Christina Effect


De Musée has exhibited her artworks in over 100 galleries, both nationally and internationally. Her works range in price from $1,500 to $30,000, depending on size and complexity. Her artworks vary in scale from smaller intimate pieces to the grandiose billboard-sized paintings. She has attracted a heavy hitting base of art collectors, fans and followers including Malcolm McDowell, Isabella Rossellini, Charlie Sheen, Brooke Shields, Robert Downey Jr., Roland Joffe and dozens of others.
The grand scale, the theatricality and lavish bold and bright colors harken back to her days as a performer in the Lido De Paris and the Folies De Bergere in Las Vegas, NV. From these theatrical influences of bigger than life staging and sumptuous productions brimming over with glamour and sexuality, Christina created huge colorful portrayals of the dancers and showgirls. Works such as "Neon Fantasy" capture the images of what she calls "super hybrid women with luminous, phosphorescent colors." Other paintings such as "Ravenous Appetites" and "Infusion of Pleasure" also incorporate a rich sensuality, mystery and spectacular coloration. The beautiful people seem to come to life in their own decadent fantasy world.

Christina continues, "My latest series is an aggregation of different themes, the mystical, the powerful, the vain, the decadent, the transcendent and, of course, the humorous and sexual aspects all thrown together into wild compositions." Some of these paintings are stimulated by the hidden and not so hidden social events of the desert. Works such as "I Kiss You Electric" and "Secret Garden" are an exploration of these themes.

De Musée's artwork overflows with vibrancy, theatricality and a memorable cast of characters. Sometimes labeled as outrageous, provocative and shocking, the artist's work is unique and unforgettable. It is fun, it is daring - but it is never grim, much like the artist herself. All of Christina's artworks are personality driven. She has a passion for life and that passion infuses not only her work but every other aspect of her life.

Christina enthusiastically explains her calling by saying, "Art is a drive and a compulsion. It is like plunging into a fast moving river and as the ideas come rapidly, like a torrent, they must be acted upon or lost forever. This is why I like to paint two or three paintings at the same time. With my work, people are getting a lot more than just a painting.

The art collectors are getting a full panorama of mood and presence. My mother used to bake what was called a 1,000 layer cake and that is the essence of my art. The content is rich and layered with many visual tastes."

Christina De Musée uses diverse subject matter to create a collage of disparate images that foster a visual story that teases the mind. Using references stimulated by the media, fashion and the desert's secrets. She incorporates the shadow side of sensuality and social allegories to create artworks, both beautiful and thought provoking.