"Odyssey" is the culmination of a lifetime of artwork created by Christina de Musée. 

Christina's unique style persists in her nostalgic phantasmagoria, drawing from techniques of the Medieval and Roman/Greco periods. Her works, both contemporary and classical, forms a "Mythos", that transports the viewer into a loop of past and present images; these artworks are about hidden encounters of lovers, of stories, spun upon the delicate threads of dreams and fairy tales.

 Fish Tales - 4.5 x 5' Pastel on Arches Paper Framed

( Gold frame ) 

Enchantress - 5' x 6' Acrylic on Canvas 

Diva 53" - 63" mixed media collage / gold and silver leaf on arches paper

Entanglement - 45" x 67" mixed media and gold leaf on arches paper

( Gold frame )

Tattoo - Acrylic and Gold Leaf on Canvas 5 x 7ft

Lady in the Mystic Forest - Acrylic on Canvas 48" x 60"

The Oracle - 28in x 32in Oil on Canvas with Gold Leaf


Three Muses - 46in x 66in Mixed Media with Gold Leaf


Neon bunny - Acrylic on Canvas 16 x 20in

Shamans and Angels - Acrylic on Canvas 5.5' x 8'

Burning Desire - 39 x 48in Watercolor Collage


The performers - 4.5 x 9ft Mixed media collage on canvas

It's all about me - 4.5 x 9ft Mixed media collage on canvas

The Choice - Acrylic on canvas 60" x 72"

Psyche and Eros - Mixed media collage on arches paper 51" x 67"

( Framed ) 

Rebirth - Mixed media collage on arches paper 34" x 62"

( Black frame)

Psyche and the dragon - Mixed media /collage. Gold leaf on arches paper
48" x 68" 

(Gold Frame)