Prisoner of Love 

Limited Edition Giclee with Gold Leaf Applique 43 x 43in 

(Gold Frame)

Masquerade 42" x 58" Serigraph on Arches Paper 

(Mixed Media Appliqué) Edition size 150 

54 Available Prints 

Androgyny - 46in x 56in Giclee on Arches Paper Limited

Edition Framed (Gold Frame)

La Belle Fille - Giclee limited edition with gold leaf appliqué

Le Printemps - Giclée  Limited Edition with Gold Leaf Appliqué on 

Arches Paper / size 28"x36" 

5 Available   

Heavenly Child - Giclée with Gold Leaf Appliqué on Arches Paper.

(Gold Frame) Size 28" x 36"

5 Available

The Kiss - Giclée on Arches Paper 25" x 25" 

Sea of Dreams - Giclée on Arches Paper 26" x 28"

3 Available

Meeting of the Fools - Serigraph on Arches Paper 140" x 65"

65 Available

The explanation - 18" x 48"  Giclée on canvas edition

149 available

The transformation  Giclée - 18" x 48" Giclée on canvas edition

149 available

Coming Up Roses - Mixed Media Giclée with Gold Leaf Appliqué/ Arches Paper