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Critiquing other Artists


Christina De Musée with Artwork

I know sometimes many artists sit on the side lines critiquing those in the game. "He's not so hot!" we may say of a currently hot artist that is grabbing all the lime light. And sometimes we may be accurate about this assessment. All too often, it is the audacity and intrepid action that wins attention and not talent that moves an artist to center stage. Many naysayers tend to regard these spotlight grabbers with disdain. We may be able to defer to true genius, but if its merely genius for self promotion, our resentments runs high. This is not jealousy, its a stalling technique that keeps us stuck in making speeches to ourselves and other willing victims, "I could do better, if only..." So what is the solution? Get those paint brushes out and commit to your path as an artist. By the way "promote, promote, promote!"

-Christina De Musée