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Food for Art!


I used to preach to my students about what you put in your body should be the best high energy healthy foods that you can possibly eat, because the production of art takes a lot of physical stamina, as well as, decision making. If you are ingesting highly processed junk food along with unbleached white flour, fried foods and fast foods, it's very similar to putting sugar in the gas tank of a Ferrari.

So, I would suggest that you take a look at the foods that are very colorful with purples, oranges, reds, dark greens; they are full of life. I would avoid foods that are white or cream colored, I know that sounds rather prejudice, so let me give you a few examples; any creamy deserts, white rice, potatoes, unbleached white flour, gravies and sugary desserts etc. These foods make you tired. The immediate result is usually fogginess and wanting to take a nap. Also smaller meals are much more effective in increasing the stamina and energy it takes to produce a large body of artwork over a long period of time. Becoming an artist, is a commitment to the temple of your body, it is a commitment to nurturing the vehicle that creates great art.

-Christina De Musée