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How to use intuition to create Artwork!



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Manifesting Threes, 32in x 48in "Giclee on Canvas"

Silence, to be quiet is a good start. All day long, we are inundated by stimulation coming from many sources that we regard as normal, but actually ends up exhausting us with too much information, too many choices, endless distractions, resulting in a desperate anxiety. To be quiet within, to close our eyes and withdraw allows for the clattering "mind noise" to diminish with the slowing of the breath and to allow us to attain a state of blankness like a white, endless canvas.
Allow your mind to quiet down, this begins by winding down from the clutter of cascading thoughts with every long breath. As our bodies relax, something allows the higher levels of intuition to float in that seems like a gift. An idea surfaces that comes from nowhere, creation has begun, simply because we have allowed emptiness to be filled with nourishment from within and from the awakening SUPER CONSCIOUS mind. Fear and emotional restrictions diminish with the gift of silence you have allowed yourself to experience. Rama Krishna once said, "the mind is like a mad monkey, stung by a scorpion.”
To create art, one must clean the rooms of clutter and detritus from the mind. Begin, everyday, with the ritual of breathing deeply and closing your eyes. Let the mind relax and empty out. Let your CREATIVE POWER begin.
-Christina De Musée

Christina De Musee - New "Raw Art" video. Stop action art video inspired by Santagold music.