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Model: Kenn Gray | Web: | Instagram: @kenngrayhome

"When you are in a passionate state, you begin to like the world, you begin to be attracted to certain things-which is really fantastic. Obviously, such attraction also entails possessiveness and some sense of territoriality, which comes later. But straight forward pure passion-without ice, without water, without soda is good! It is drinkable; it is also food; you can live on it. It's quite marvelous that we have passion, that we are not made purely out of aggression. It's some kind of saving grace that we posses, which is incredible! Without passion, nothing can be experienced; nothing can be worked on. With aggression we have odious feelings about ourselves; either we feel tremendously righteous, that we are the only ones that are right, or we feel totally pissed off that somebody is destroying us. This vicious cycle is pathetic."

"Some artists try to squeeze ideas out as if they were constipated, sitting on the toilet seat, glancing occasionally at the toilet tissue wishing something would come through. When artist do that, the result is very meek and very technical. They always refer back to technicalities and try to produce something out of that, but they don't really feel good about the whole thing at all. What we are talking about here is the opposite of that. It's a free flow, in which you have the confidence that you can actually produce ideas."

"You may be wondering what happened to me or maybe not. The last three months have been hectic, due to a lot of obstacles involving trivial pursuits. The good news is during this period we also did a lot of experimental filming for an upcoming series based on the metaphysical, juxtaposed to the production of wild art that brings in random manifestations. I know this may sound rather cryptic, however the mystery will be revealed periodically like tasty little plumbs, tumescent with creative juice! Currently, I'm very excited to be working with some hot models and executing a series of avant-garde videos and photo shoots. Anyone interested in participating in these projects feel free to drop us a line and share any interesting visions and feedback of what you might like to see."

Dark Angel Shoot

Here's an in depth video at what we do!

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