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The Artist and the Ego!

Through the years, I have met many artists, both "up and coming", unknown and famous. What I have noticed in the unknown artist is sometimes a sense of desperation and insecurity masked with a big over blown sense of self-importance that comes off as a big ego.

Now a big ego, you may think, is necessary to push forward the career of a totally unrecognized wanna-be artist, however this is not true. To be a recognized as an important artist takes a fanatical devotion and an on-going commitment to the creation of art!

On the other side of it, some of the artists that I have met that are truly extraordinary, have a relaxed confidence that allows a pleasurable exchange of ideas and information that they are willing to share. Referring back to the egotistical version of the insecure artist that constantly has to pontificate their over-blown importance incessantly and express nasty criticisms of other artists, generally miss the boat. I'm not saying that the art-world is Utopian; what I'm trying to express is that "ego" quite often can be the biggest impediment to exponential growth to an artist that cannot be open to exchanges and experimentation with other artists.

The compelling factor to being a productive artist is the drive to express a cascade of ongoing ideas and projects that have nothing to do with "ego." Any artist, worth their salt, can attest to the fact that while making art they're certainly not thinking about how fabulous they are during the process.

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