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Whats happening for the NEW YEAR!


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Happy New Year, everyone!

I am so excited about the new things that we are going to explore this year! Namely, we are going out into the world to interview, film and write about some controversial subjects. I find it really interesting, as an artist, to visit other artists and eccentric people that might be interesting to all of us. I've always been very curious about characters and subjects that people aren't usually "privy" to in the realm of the unusual. This may sound rather mysterious and maybe it is, but I think you may enjoy the exploratory journey I am about to embark.

Coming up, join me at the Taylor Sherrill studio to watch the seminal production of a "fashionista" video. I was inspired to initiate the filming of some hot new models working with Kenn Gray, based on some sexy Latin American music. This is a spontaneous experiment that involves narcissism, vanity and sexuality. All of you out there, will get to see everything that transpires from start to finish.

In the meanwhile, we will be looking for personalities to interview and video. If you know anyone that you can recommend, I would be very interested in checking it out!

I have decided with my trusty side-kick, Omar, to travel around and film everything that seems to be fun and exciting! I would appreciate your feedback, good or bad. The worst that can happen to you is I "unfriend" you -just kidding! Not really!- By the way, I really enjoy people in general and their comments, however I do not enjoy chain letters from heaven with compelling messages that I regard as junk. You can do this on your own.

My major interest is "YOU" and everything about "YOU", so any compelling stories that you think I might be interested in would be greatly appreciated. Don't be afraid to contact me, because I would love to hear your input.


Christina De Musée